About Us
Our committee's focus is on Thomas A. DeVilbiss H. S. grounds and campus, Alumni, and our Hall of Fame Committee. We honor distinguished alumni and former faculty at our banquets that are held every other year.  Our next banquet will be October 11, 2013.  Reservation Forms will be available at Sanger Branch Library on W. Central Ave., and at The Players Club on W. Sylvania Ave., or email us at:  halloffame@devilbissalumni.org.
We are fortunate that the Toledo Technology Academy is housed within DHS and there are plans for expanding its program to include junior high students. The Toledo Public Schools'  Pre-School Program has moved in as well as its Barber School for adults. Many board of education offices have moved into the building and the employees are pleased with their surroundings and its facilities.  Every employee has expressed how much they enjoy working at our Alma Mater.  They enjoy wearing our shirts!  Whenever we are there, we enjoy talking about the spirit of our tigers!  Recently, the board renovated the showcases at the main office area for us.  We have been privileged to fill it with a few of our trophies and display important items, including some Hall of Fame plaques, items we sell, etc. 

If you are planning a reunion visit to the school, let us know and we will welcome you!  We can set up our 'School Store' so that your classmates can purchase your official DHS merchandise (prints, shirts, pins, caps, vests, etc.).  Prices range from $4 to $35.

DeVilbiss Alumni, P. O. Box 2448, Toledo, OH 43606-2448. Our email is:  halloffame@devilbissalumni.org